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Coming in 2019

Confidential Clientele

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Imagine yourself going home to a tent made from sheets with four of your family members already under it. One’s cooking beans and rice over a propane fire, smoking up the entire area so someone must keep flapping the side of the tent open and closed, while another is using a five-gallon bucket in the corner as a toilet. Within feet of you, dozens of other tents are in similar shape. Meanwhile, in a nearby woods, a small community has been formed behind a hotel where the manager allows the homeless to use the laundry room restrooms and leaves all the unused food, hot coffee and half-eaten salad bars out behind the kitchen in the alley every day.

You have to move quickly; dress in clothes that don’t fit; pee behind cars and dumpsters; grab what’s there and disappear, taking whatever’s offered to you, or your children may starve. As a 40-year reporter in Tampa Bay, I have met the real people who make up my fictional characters in CONFIDENTIAL CLIENTELE; a mainstream read at 73,553 words that will cross several genres.

The “camp” is comprised of a dying vet with no ID for the free clinic; a Mexican farmworker whose green card has run out; a young mother of two girls under five, who fears asking for help because the one time she did the Department of Children and Families took her children away and she stole them back and may have a warrant out for her; and a former Army medic drowning out the visions of dismembered bodies and death in quarts of cheap bourbon.

These are the “confidential clientele” of Selena McDaniels, whose hotel management skills provide her and her two children a roof over their heads and a partial buffer from an abusive ex-husband she finally managed to escape after being hospitalized for beatings and rape. Her hotel skills were honed over ten years, but the franchise owner to the hotel to which she has now escaped suspects she was one step from the street herself when he hired her, so he uses his power over her to turn rooms out of order whenever his desire for sex arises and she must comply to protect not only herself and her children, but also her confidential clientele.

Why does Selena help them at the risk of losing her job and the roof over her childrens' heads?

After escaping her abusive husband, not only is the hotel a source of life for Selena and her children, but she uses it to help a group of homeless people who live in a camp in the woods nearby because she knows the fear of becoming homeless herself. Gradually she befriends a man called “Bubba,” who seems to be the glue that holds the strangely-populated homeless camp together and who Selena suspects may be a truly educated man just down on his luck. As their friendship progresses, each learns that the other holds the key to forgiving their past mistakes, faith in the future, and a loving heart they never dreamed could exist.

meditation: New Book "Gifts from the Guides" (coming in 2019)

Coming in 2019

True Stories of Help from the Other Side

20 Verfiable Stories of direct intervention from helpful Angels & Guides

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Most religions acknowledge the existence of spiritual helpers that can reach into the earth realm in times of severe distress, or sometimes, just to offer humans hope. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam acknowledge the existence of angels, and many African and Eastern religions, as well as American Indian tribes, recognize the presence of ancestors, spirits or gods. Even farther back than ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, the presence of other-worldly spiritual beings was taught, and although most now consign those to myth, don’t most myths contain a kernel of truth if you look deep enough?

It makes sense that there’s a realm of spiritual forces operating at a frequency just above what we can see and hear. Think about the times your dog or cat has heard something outside your range, or you saw a news video of wild animals fleeing a geographical area before a tsunami or earthquake hit.

Science is exploring in many areas Westerners relegated to spirituality for centuries, with the two moving even closer together since huge explosions of knowledge in quantum physics, epigenetics, and the exploration of space. In April 2016, MIT researchers stated in Trends for Cognitive Science that human vision only reflects a small portion of what we see. That’s why witnesses often have different accounts of the same accident, crime or event, even though they are all telling the truth as they saw it.

As a journalist with more than 12,000 bylines in magazines and newspapers in the last forty-five years, I’ve kept names, places and dates of phenomena that has happened in my personal life as meticulously as if I was preparing a news story. From these, I’ve chosen twelve verifiable ‘stories’ about events that I’ve seen take place that could not have happened without help from the Other Side. I started with eighteen, but then realized only twelve are verifiable by other people or paperwork, so I'm saving the other six for another book.

I don’t claim to have any special powers. I know I’m not alone. Over the years I’ve talked to many people who believe the same way I do. So please realize I’m starting with the belief that everyone is born with senses outside the five we currently openly acknowledge, that can be developed (or allowed to dissolve) as the years pass, depending upon whether they are encouraged, especially in childhood, when memories of the Other Side are still fresh. I know all people have connections to more than our three-dimensional realm (should they choose to use them). Only since Western medicine and science separated the “spirit” from “body and mind” has the ability to call on these “extra” senses been ignored by most in society’s mainstream. I believe however, that we are about to see a tremendous breakthrough where science and spirituality will once again walk hand-in-hand. A flood of respected people from all walks of life have already begun to accept that “extra senses” are not really “extra” at all and can be used for the good of a single person, or all of humanity, in ways we have once again begun to understand.

The Sumerian Secret  (available on Amazon now)

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NASA photographs long-hidden from the world now confirm the knowledge of ancient Sumerian texts that predate the Bible by thousands of years. Ace reporter Ronnie Monroe, seeking solace in her work after the death of her twin brother, becomes involved in the mystery and murder surrounding the secrets of the texst. But will she be sidetracked by the attentions of a NASA scientist and a wealthy robed translator and fail to see the earth's looming destruction as foretold in the ancient scripts??