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NOTICE: my Blog will be going back to the old WRITE/RIGHT class format (in both text and video) as so many have asked why I stopped teaching and especially want to know more about the four basic points: plot, characters, scene-setting and dialogue. Since I do my own site, it will have to wait until I can spend at least a week changing the content, but hope to have it done sometime in April or May 2019.

*Meanwhile, there are no changes for the services listed below

FREE Consultation for every potential job: manuscript or memoir

Flat fees by contract are used for every service except publishing liaison which is charged by the hour. 

Professional copy editing

Professional content editing includes:

Fiction: searching for plot holes; suggesting realistic dialogue; flashback techniques (with examples in comment boxes); help with scene-setting and characterization. If structure changes are necessary to improve the story, they will be suggested.

Nonfiction: Consistency of chapter headings and material will be stressed; changes of structure will be suggested in comment boxes if a subject would flow more easily into another chapter or cateory; addition of facts thatcould make a chapter more convincing will be suggested if requested. Visit my FEEDBACK from my clients on by clicking Feedback in the line above. This feedback goes back to 2011. I also have many references on Linked-In.

After the edit,  a query letter and synopsis can be prepared if an author wants to submit to agents or publishers, or I can  connect you with my excellent designer, [email protected] who can paginate (size and bind) your book and design a cover to your specifications and put it on Amazon for you. 

I can also act as a publishing liaison when requested. This is the only work done by the hour and not with a flat, up-front fee.  First I have to check out which publishers use the type of material and genre you write in, and also find out if they work directly with authors who do not have agents. Surprisingly, many do. Then I have to track down each one's specific submission policy.  They are all different. The rate for this service is $45 an hour and a list of what has been done will accompany each bill. Some publishers want only a one-or-two-page descriptive letter; others want a query, synopsis, author bio and sample chapters. We have to give each one the exact things they ask for or they trash the proposal, many times withinout even reading it. I only pitch books on which I have worked, at least in the editing phase.

Memoirs and Family Stories: 
There are a lot of people doing these now and I will edit them and help you with wording if necessary to flow from one generation to another or any other particular thing you may have trouble with or questions aboout. Photographs may be used, but you must scan them in and make sure which size layout you plan to use. If you want an 8-by-10 book, you will need to set Word to 8-by-10. If you want 9-by-6, you must set the program before you start if you want it printed in that size. Unlike manuscripts, "scrapbook-type" family stories and memoirs must be set right from square one to come out properly. I can advise you on this but the layout of memoirs must be done by the person preparing it. After you approve my edit, I use M&M Printing Company in Ruskin, Fla. and you can order just one nook (or 100) any amount you wish. All printing costs include shipping, are according to zip code, and are separate from my editing invoice. You are free to choose any printer if you have one in mind. In that case I edit it and send it back in final black copy for you to have published.