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Would a Cross-Party Ticket in 2020 Re-Unify America, & Who Would Consider It?

Posted on November 26, 2018 at 4:35 PM

   oHow much does the average American know about the Bilderberg Club, which is also sometimes referred to as a Conference or Group. It’s an annual private conference of about 100 to 150 political leaders, experts from industry, finance, academia, and invited heads of media groups.

    Do they know that in 1991, Bill Clinton, at that time the Governor of Arkansas but still a relatively unknown name on a world scale, was invited to attend the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany? Just one year later, Clinton became President of the United States. Or that the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, likewise came to power in the UK one year after attending the 1993 Bilderberg meeting?

    This group knows how to make things happen. So first, let’s examine who they are.

    The Bilderberg was formed in May 1954 and the first meeting was held in the Netherlands. I have a whole chapter on its founding in a book (but the publisher has gone out of business) but for the sake of the length of this editorial, it’s sufficient to know these meetings have been held behind closed doors and went mainly unreported since their beginnings. At first, it was a “Western European thing,” formed to address the growing anti-Americanism that was taking place in Western Europe at the time. Founders later suggested including the United States to promote a better understanding between the cultures in the US and Western Europe. Records later reported by the Society bill the U.S. invitation as “an intention to foster co-operation on political, economic, and defense issues,” and “to be initiated for good and noble purposes.”

    So, let’s look back at another agenda item and the influence of this group (besides whatever happened with Clinton and Blair). The 1955 Bilderberg meeting in West Germany focused on the create of the European Union and a single European currency, both of which occurred in the early 1990s after years of gradual implementation.

    Until the 1980s, no media was permitted anywhere near the meeting, and its attendees were held in strict confidence. But then, certain high-level media began to be invited. At this point it would be a good thing to look at the list of media ownerships and mergers at – if that site is still operating when this comes out. It tells how 110 companies dwindled to 10 when the Internet came into play and how more are merging all the time, so that only one voice is heard in large geographical areas. I watched that happen from inside a Tampa, Florida, newsroom when the FCC regulations were relaxed to allow it.

    So now let’s fast-forward to 2017, when the main item on the (now published) agenda held right here in the US, was the Presidency of Donald Trump, who sent some administrative aides but did not attend. Humm… Then, in June of this year (2018) the meeting was held in Turin, Italy, and has published its agenda on line. I often wonder how many people “follow the money” when it comes to billionaires like these who make the agenda for the rest of the world?    

    So, who are these billionaires who put wheels in motion? Names are held in strict confidence; and great measures are taken so that their faces are not exposed as they go in. But representatives of Rockefellers, Carnegies and Fords are among them. About two-thirds of the permanent group comes from Europe and the rest come from North America; about a third from the political or governmental arena, and others from other fields. Each year, someone may be asked to come for a specific reason (like Clinton and Blair obviously were) even though he or she is not a regular member of the group.

    That brings us to the headline considering a cross-party ticket in the Presidential Election of 2020. You see, one enterprising photographer caught Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, entering the 2018 meeting. This was a first-time attendance for him, as Clinton and Blair’s had been. Since that meeting, Hickenlooper has been attending events and meetings with the Republican Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, which led me to dig into what the agenda of the 2018 Bilderberg meeting was about. Thanks to the Internet, Bilderberg attendees have been publishing their agendas, so as not to look “too suspiciously back-room,” as those who belong to the regular group are the wealthiest people in the world; own the banks and just about everything else.

    Now remember, the 2017 agenda centered around the Trump Presidency as you read the 2018 agenda which is reported in the Bilderberg’s order of importance:

1. Populism in Europe

2. The inequality challenge

3. The future of work

4. Artificial intelligence

5. The US before midterms

6. Free trade

7. US world leadership

8. Russia

9. Quantum computing

10. Saudi Arabia and Iran

11. The "post-truth" world

12. Current events

    Since “Populism” was Number 8 last year, this shows that the “will of the common people” is becoming quite a concern for the elite, especially now that Number 2 is the “inequality challenge.” The attendance of the Colorado Governor and the published agenda of this year’s meeting show that a “United America” must be very important to the Western European countries. Now take a look at Numbers 5 and 7, and remember, the people at this meeting have the ability to “make things happen,” even though most citizens have no idea what this group is even about.

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