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Told not to talk politics & religion? So let's do both

As a 40-year journalist and author, I've interviewed people in multi-million-dollar homes and homeless camps and just about everything in between and I know our country's divide has grown to proportions not seen since the Civil War. But as a spiritual person who has studied many religions and taught Bible classes, I've learned the human family has numerous paths to God. Neither tribalism nor nationalism can work in America because we're a nation of immigrants and that means we're meant to be diverse. We're all in this together and we have to look out for our neighbors and heal the divide before it becomes a class war like it has in so many other great civilizations.  Division is deliberately created by the greedy (both Red & Blue) who use hot-button words and phrases to inflame the general public as smokescreens for what is being taken from us behind our backs. Instead of name-calling and hatred, think:what could happen if we put our heads together. Think Jesus of Nazareth, Nelson Mandella. Martin Luther King. I'll bet you can name a dozen who changed their world through peace.  

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