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What Can You Expect to Find on This Site?

Certainly not what you'd get from a "paid" or "co-operative" publishing house that wants to charge you thousands of dollars to get your book on line or in print.  There is no longer any sense in paying for what they call, "cooperative-deals," to edit and print your book. (This is where a "vanity" publisher offers to pay for some of the publishing, if you come up with a certain percentage up front). Or worse yet, you pay them to publish your work thinking they'll care enough to promote it afterwards.

With new technology, together we can accomplish the same thing for pennies compared to what the "paid publishing giants" have been charging authors for years.  As an author, editor and coach for more than 40 years, I have seen authors pay more than twenty-thousand dollars on promises of promotion after publication and get a simple one-liner in a catalog. 

Get wise: Stategize. Think- what's important now? Getting the book done properly.

I offer all author services from simple proofreading for errors, through heavy content editing that points out and helps fix plot holes, strengthens scenes and characters, and teaches you how to write realistic dialogue. I do all the editing myself and try to work with only one client at a time.

If you wish to self publish, I work with a wonderful graphic artist who can get your book print ready from paginating the pages in one of several sizes and then designing a cover made specifically for the content of your book. Then I write the back jacket material that will attract eyes to buy what's inside.

Maybe you're writing Memoirs or Family Stories, and only need a few copies printed. When we're finished working together on the edit, I have someone I work with who helps design and print those too. 

The following services are offered on a cafeteria-style basis. You only choose and pay for what you want. No packages or extra fees. No surprises later. No hourly fees; everything is specifieied  on a simple contract at the beginning of our work together. That way we both know what to expect, and when to expect it.

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FREE consultation or edit of 5-7 pages to show style of work that would be performed.

Manuscript evaluation and suggestions before we start

Professional copy editing for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, verb/noun tense, and more (This can be done in any of three styles: Associated Press, Chicago (taught in colleges and used at most publishing houses) and British-style English.)

Professional Content editing (checking for plot holes, suggesting realistic dialogue, flashback techniques)

Professional cover design and book pagination in two size choices

ISBN number assigned

Personalized back cover, including short author bio and photo and short “blurb” that will attract readers

One-on-one author support by email or phone

Author gets a letter of proof that he or she retains all copyrights

Press release that may be copied and sent to reviewers

List of current reviewers

Press release geared to media

List of agents currently taking material from new authors

Book put on Amazon if you wish to Independently Publish

*Because I own the label and logo for Soaring Eagle Books, you never have to look "self-published" again. Adding the Eagle logo to your book will make it appear far more professional, and costs just $100.  

**MEMOIRS & FAMILY STORIES may be published (one or more books for families) in ring-bound or perfect bound copies. You provide photos for the cover!