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Almost 40 years as a journalist, author of five books, editor of more than 400 books not including those I edited while working for Amazon's BookSurge, its first publishing venture (before Kindle and CreateSpace), I can work with you on your copy until it is ready to submit to publishing houses or help you put it on line; your choice.

Besides helping you perfect your books, I Blog about the direction our nation is heading as some leaders wish to leave specific ethnic and religious groups out of the mainstream and often promote hatred. A former radio show host dubbed THE UNCENSORED REPORTER, I did a series on the unpatriotic Patriot Act following Sept. 11, 2001. This led to my writing the book AMERICAN GESTAPO before the 2016 Presidential candidates were announced where I predict why we are ready for a dictator based on other country's history. That's the main topic of the Blog AMERICAN GESTAPO AT LARGE.


You can concentrate on your writing when you know someone's got your back seeing to the details of the cover, blurbs, printing, preparing your book to offer to publishers or put on line yourself, and writing press releases to announce it. Check out the Publishing Liaison page to find out how I can help. Services are all a' la carte. I work with a great cover artist and other editors and Beta readers for the final draft, so the pieces will all fit together like in the graph on the right.


I hope you decide to purchase one of my books while you're here! Check out the "Sumerian Secret," "American Gestapo," and "Wild Rose" links to Amazon by clicking the names right here.  I also write romance under the name Sophia Stanton, and "her" latest is "Friends 2 Fire." All my books are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle, and some are on Barnes & Noble as well, which makes them available on Nook. Links to buy on Amazon are on the book pages next to the book descriptions. Downloading Kindle to your computer or other device is free so if you don't have a Kindle reader, you can still read these and other books free! They are also available in the Hillsborough County, Florida library system and I would greatly appreciate it if you asked if your library system could carry them as well.

Other Pages Will Show You My Books, Bio, Awards, a Little Bit About My Writing Course, and what it means to have a Publishing Liaison. 

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   I am now writing a regular monthly column on "the art of writing" for, a site that revceives more than 30,000 hits a month and has interesting materials for readers and writers alike. 


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