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    The publishing world has finally changed enough to be unrecognizable to those who have worked in it the longest. With self-published books getting on the New York Times Bestseller Lists, agents and NYC publishers are losing out to online sites, especially Amazon.

     I have forty-plus years behind me as an award-winning journalist, bylines on about 12,000 news stories, columns and features; I've written fiction for national magazines; authored 6 books; edited about 300 books for publishing companies and private authors; taught at college level; given library courses called "Creating Page-Turning Fiction"; was flown to Penn. to speak at a Writer's Conference by a traditional publisher; and tried my hand at running a small publishing company.

    I don't advise any author to try and also be a publisher, unless it is only for his or her own works. Now, self-publishing is profitable. I found it (self-publishing) so much more profitable than the pittance the mid-list publishers let you have after distributors take their 55 percent off the cover price just for listing you in (about three lines of a) bookstore catalog, that I put out my last book myself. As a quick example of what I mean by this, one of my recent books sold for $12.99, yet I made only .46 cents per sale. Yes, you read that right. Being ethical, I won't mention the name of that publisher, but I will tell you there are a lot of both "traditional" and "paid" publishers out there salivating over your money.

     Putting out my own book was actually fun. I already knew about editing; pricing; where to hire the best cover artists; how to make final corrections while in the pagination (bookmaking) process and how to write a great press release to announce it.

      But the best thing is that I can be in control of the list price at all times. After publishing THE SUMERIAN SECRET (THE FIRST IN A SERIES) myself, I realized I had the exact qualifications to help first-time authors (or Indie authors) get their books from their Word program onto Amazon without a hitch! After all, I had edited for Amazon's BookSurge (forerunner to Kindle) and sent out their press releases, marketing copy and even ghosted their NY Times reviews! And a "Publishing Liaison" is not anything like being a publisher. I don't have to learn things I don't already know!

    After much research, I found there was no such thing as a "Publishing Liaison"; anyway- not the kind I want to be. Of course I want to continue to author my own books, all of which may be found on my Amazon Author page, . But after coaching so many writers in newsrooms and in editing and publishing, I realized the Indies and first-time authors had nowhere to turn unless they wanted to carry out the entire process themselves; editing (which no author should ever do with one's own work!); cover design, pagination into book form, and getting the book on line for sale. That's when I got the idea for the list of services I now offer. Unlike hiring an editor, a paginator, a designer, and then working with someone at the on-line sites, I made a list of services I could provide as a one-stop author shop!

    So be sure to visit my "Publishing Liaison" page. There you'll find some of the books I've edited and a list of services I can now provide. Why waste your time learning all the steps to self-publish when you could be writing, or (worse yet!) paying up to $15,000 to some author-partnership publishing house that asks you for money each step of the way.

     I am not  a publisher but I can answer your questions and take care of any (or all) of the steps to take your draft to perfection and get it up for sale! At that point you might want to send it to agents, which I can also help you do correctly; or put it up online as an Independent Author.

    The choices are all yours, but having an "assistant" who knows the ropes can make all the difference. I guarantee it will help you sleep better at night!

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