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June-July 2016

     I want to thank America Star Books for all the help they offered me at the 2016 American Library Association's National Convention in Orlando.

America Star Books has published two of my books. My old publisher from the '90s has closed (as have three companies I was editing for) and now I am trying Indie. The industry is changing so it is hard to figure what will work.

    Meanwhile, consider signing up for my monthly "News, Views & Boos" (Not quite a Newsletter) - it's fun, full of interesting info and points to my Amazon platform that donates 5-percent of everything bought when you start from my site- not just my books but other things too- to the National Association for the Homeless. And best of all, every month, there's a give-away. This month it's a $15 Walmart gift card. Last month ot was one of my books, AMERICAN GESTAPO. Sign up by sending me an email with BOOS in the subject line to Hope to see you there! My new Amazon Author Page!

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      I left an abusive marriage in Tenn. in 1979 for Florida with three kids, $300 and everything we could fit in a rust-bucket Ford and the rest is history. 

    Since I had been freelancing for True Romance, True Story, and True Confessions since I was 19, I knew all about the "hook, the climax and the conclusion." Their owners, Macfadden Enterprises in NYC said if I didn't leave readers laughing or crying they wouldn't publish me, and that meant I'd get no check.  

    Once in Florida and on an old friend's couch with the kids on pillows on the floor, I transitioned Macfadden's lessons into the "lede, (yes, it is spelled that way in the industry) the nut graph and the body" and grabbed a newspaper position; first freelance; then reporter; then investigator; and a few years later, Bureau Editor with the power to hire and fire and assign stories. Since then I've earned about 12,000 bylines in newspapers and magazines: columns, stories, hard news, features and fiction and reaped in about 50 Press awards..

    Of course, this all came after I drove a refrigerated box truck, managed convenience stores (where I was held up at gunpoint twice), was head cashier in a department store, and run a motel.

    OK, let's fast-forward to today.

    Except for "America Star Books" I have had it with publishers and distributors. I have actually made as little as 12 cents on a $12.99 book due to the huge cost of being added to distribution lists that usually give you one line in a book the size of the old NYC telephone directory- and maybe not even print the cover. So I've decided to go Indie. All my books are on Amazon, B&N and other on line sites. If you read them, please review only on Amazon.   

     Being a journalist it is easy for me to switch genres. I have Native American spirituality in an exciting story for youth and adults, WHERE THE WILD ROSE GROWS; political science in AMERICAN GESTAPO; fiction based on fact (Chinese hackers, espionage, hidden NASA files and photos and a love triangle) in THE SUMERIAN SECRET; and an erotic romance that will tear at your heartstrings (while being hot as fire but never stepping into porn) FROM FRIENDSHIP TO FIRE. 

    2017 will bring CONFIDENTIAL CLIENTELE (fiction based on fact - the homeless situation) which is partially autobiographical- and THE PHOBOS MISSION, second in the series MYSTERY, MYTH AND MADENESS, following THE SUMERIAN SECRET and the four beloved characters developed in that first book.


    I've watched people eat from garbage cans and sleep on the ground right here in this beautiful a coastal region and think CONFIDENTIAL CLIENTELE WILL OPEN A LOT OF PEOPLE'S EYES. 

If you want to buy THE SUMERIAN SECRET PLEASE PLEASE buy off the CreateSpace link provided on this site  (there's a place to click on every page for every book) although they are available directly on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads as well. The reason: I make twice as much if sold off this channel than anywhere else.  The others need to be bought off my Amazon site, Both give to my cause- Homelessness. 

Some of my recent books are The Sumerian Secret, American Gestapo, and  Where the Wild Rose Grows, with three more to be ready soon. You see, the original publisher usually holds the rights 7 years, and if they don't promote you, your books just sit there. So The ones I am redoing now are being updated with new covers by my wonderful designer and paginator, RED BARN MUSE, and ISBN numbers before you see them in my  store. Like just about everything else nowadays, the industry doesn't care about authors unless they've brought in millions. Yes, that's sad, but true.  

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