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New book seeks new agent, publsher or producer: CONFIDENTIAL CLIENTELE. See synopsis at bottom of this page.

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After leaving Tennessee for Florida with $300, three kids and everything we owned in a rust-bucket Ford in the late 1970s, I held down jobs managing convenience stores and motel offices and driving a refrigerated box truck. Meanwhile, I was writing for True Story, True Romance, True Confessions, Today’s Christian Woman, and Gulf Coast Fisherman. Eventually, my variety of clips earned me the position of reporter with Sunbelt Newspapers and in six years I headed a Sunbelt Bureau; hiring, firing, training, assigning copy and designing newspapers. After being bought by Media General Communications Corp., I wrote columns, news and features for many of the local Sunbelt papers as well as columns, features and news for The Tampa Tribune. I was also in charge of assigning and editing others’ copy in Associated Press style. While there, I gleaned approximately 20 Press Awards, which are listed on my website.

Meanwhile, on the side, I was moonlighting for Amazon’s first publishing division, BookSurge, where I became adept in Chicago style; writing the back jackets of books I edited as well as three forms of marketing copy. I was also developing an editing service of select clients of my own. That, plus classes occasionally given at a local seniors’ college and through the Hillsborough County, Florida Library System brought me to the point of adding “Publishing Liaison” to my resume. This means I can not only do an intense edit of your work; but check for plot hole; dialogue; scene-setting; and strong characterization. All these services are a la carte on the site, which explains that I can either prepare your manuscript for submission to publishers or get it online for you, including obtaining the ISBN and cover art.

Besides about 12,000 newspaper and magazine bylines, I am also an author. My first book, If I Should Die Before I Wake, a nonfiction book about my escape from domestic abuse, was published in 1992 by Rainbow’s End Publishing Company based in Baden, Pennsylvania. The publisher, Bettie Tucker, flew me to Pennsylvania from Florida to speak at a conference. Rainbow also sold my book to several colleges for woman’s studies before it went out of business.

In 2016, I self-published a suspense thriller on Amazon titled The Sumerian Secret, and believe it would sell to a motion picture company if contacts with the right people are made. At 78,000 words, its plot is “fact-based fiction” (readers say like the Da Vinci Code). Ronnie Monroe, an ace reporter who seeks solace in her work after the death of her twin brother, roots out hidden NASA files and photographs proving the truth in ancient texts that predate the Bible by thousands of years. Naturally, the government and prominent religious organizations fear exposing these truths and Ronnie finds herself the target of hacking, and finally a kidnap and assassination attempt. I have two videos from YouTube on my website showing the significance of these texts and you may view the book on Amazon using the links on the book's page.

I now have a new book titled Confidential Clientele that just finished its final edit by someone I worked with for 20 years at Media General News Corp. Inc. At 75,000 words, this book is also fact-based fiction gleaned from interviewing and writing about the homeless.

With more than 250 endorsements on Linked-In and all 5-Star work on since 2011 and two Writer’s Digest contest awards in fiction, I have edited about 400 books and currently write a monthly column on writing techniques for


You can concentrate on your writing when you know someone's got your back seeing to the details of the cover, blurbs, printing, preparing your book to offer to publishers or put on line yourself, and writing press releases to announce it. Check out the Publishing Liaison page to find out how I can help. Services are all a' la carte. I work with a great cover artist and other editors and Beta readers for the final draft, so the pieces will all fit together like in the graph on the right. Many recent references are at by clicking here


I hope you decide to purchase my books while you're here! Check out the "Sumerian Secret,"  and  "Friends 2 Fire." I wrote Friends under the pseudonym Dr. Sophia Stanton because I remembered how terribly disappointed I was when I picked up the two books by John Grisham that were not legal thrillers. They were beautifully written, but I got them because I wanted to read "My John Grisham"- the legal thriller-author who had kept me turning pages for years. Being a 40-year journalist, except for occasional feature freelancing for magazines, I write about serious topics; either nonfiction or in the case of "The Sumerian Secret," and fiction based on fact.

By using the pseudonym for romances, I hope not to confuse my readers.  It is not the same pseudo I use for work with the on-line publisher Secret Cravings Publishing, in that same genre.

Unfortunately my book, "If I Should Die Before I Wake," a true story about my escape from domestic abuse, went out of print when its publisher did. It was published by Rainbow's End, once a great company to work for, its officials flew me from Florida to Pennsylvania in 1992 to be keynote speaker at it's writing conference, "Writing that Sells." It was also used at several colleges in the Womens' Study programs (and may still be).

You can imagine how disappointed I was after such a great experience to find my publishers (both print and on-line) and publishers for whom I regularly edited, going out of business one at a time. This influenced my decision to self-publish "The Sumnerian Secret," in 2016, which I wish to sell to major publisher. My plans for searching for a new agent who represented this type of work went out the window in September of that year when I was in a massive automobile accident and lost almost five months of both body useage and memory. 


This is a brand new, never seen book seeking a producer or publisher. It's main genre is romance, secondary genre, suspense. Here is a brief synopsis: 

CONFIDENTIAL CLIENTELE, at 79,000 words, is fiction based on facts learned as a journalist who has sat on tires and drank coffee from a corn can as she listened to the stories behind the grimy, hopeless faces. It is romantic suspense, with adult scenes.

On the verge of homeless after leaving everything to escape her abusive husband, Selena McDaniels uses her skills as a hotel manager to keep her two children fed and housed. Sleeping with the hotel’s franchise owner, Bertram Brand seems to ensure the family’s needs will continue to be met, until he falls in love with her. This disaster is only one of many that occur simultaneously in Selena’s life. She befriends a man called Bubba who seems to be the glue who holds a strangely-populated homeless camp together in the nearby woods, and their friendship begins to grow as she helps him through his DT’s and starts seeing him as the man he once was. Selena’s life is further complicated by the harassment of law enforcement officers; a car accident that leaves her daughter in a long-term psychiatric hospital; her desperate attempts to keep Bertram from finding out she allows the homeless to clean up and rest in the unoccupied rooms; and her desire to get out of Bertram’s bed (and heart). As her friendship with “Bubba” progresses, she gradually extracts pieces of the man that once existed inside his ragged body; Sgt. Matt Matthews, a medic who served in the Gulf War. As she learns to understand Matt’s pain she finds it is exactly what she needs to take away the hatred she feels for her abusive ex-military husband. Friendship turns to respect, and finally, respect turns to love.


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