Penny Fletcher ~ Author 
  Editor, Coach, Publishing Liaison 

Politics, Suspense Fiction, Spirituality & a little Romance to Boot!           

More than an editor, a Publishing Liaison helps you put all the pieces together and get your book up for sale! 

You can concentrate on writing when you know someone's got your back seeing to the details of the cover, blurbs, printing, preparing your book to offer to publishers or put on line yourself, and writing press releases to announce it. Check out the Publishing Liaison page to find out how I can help. Services are all a' la carte. 

I hope you decide to purchase one of my books while you're here! Check out the "Sumerian Secret," "American Gestapo," and "Wild Rose" tabs on the top of this page. 

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Other Pages Will Show You My Books, Bio, Awards, a Little Bit About My Writing Course, and what it means to have a Publishing Liaison.                                            

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    Just  send me your name and email with BOOS to [email protected] Not just to sell my books, but to keep you updated on affairs concerning reading and writing trends; reviews; videos; and the  New York Times Bestseller List.  
    And last but definitely not least, please check out my Book of the Month, showing off some of the books I've worked on and how to buy them. You'll find them on the Publishing Liaison page on this site.