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I've just made a deal with my "old" publisher to lower my price for WHERE THE WILD ROSE GROWS to $9.99 from $24.95 on Amazon; should take effect in a few weeks. Meanwhile, taking pre-orders at and will speak to your group about it's Native American/metaphysical content as well!  

On my site you will find fiction books, nonfiction books, a Blog about unreported and under-reported news, a page with many free writing tips and classes, my manuscript editing service and coaching, and all manner of talk about current events and books. We'll also keep you informed of any upcoming classes or book signings.

Pages include~

Author Bio- A fairly complete bio about me!

Awards- Only as far back as 1998

My latest nonfiction book "American Gestapo"

My political Blog, "Americans for Truth in News"                                                                                  

 Trial by Fire- Fiction based on Fact suspense thriller, Rated 5-Star on Amazon now

"Confidential Clientele"- Fiction book based on fact of how the homeless live. Coming in 2016

Other Books - What else I've had published, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online sellers.

My "Editor, Speaker & Coach" page has all my services, and will keep an updated list of any upcoming events, talks, interactive classes at libraries and bookstore signings

Kindlemojo Interview with Tom Hobbs early 2015

OK, now that we're old friends, I feel I can tell you a little about myself.  

       As a journalist and author for almost 40 years, and a long-time student of world history, I write about real life and the people who live it. I don't believe in pulling punches and often my style is considered extremely graphic. Whether I'm writing about politics, sex or spirituality, you can be sure it's written from the gut. I may be irreverent, but never irrelevant. 

     I've gone from multi-million dollar mansions to homeless camps and interviewed high-level politicians, Governors and representatives and gone directly from their ivory towers to sit on tires and drink coffee from tin cans with homeless families - often veterans who have no services and don't know how to find them.

     I've dedicated most of my career to making the world a better place through my writing and won awards for it; both fiction and nonfiction; and to teaching others to write, self-edit, and create characters that come alive on the page. 

    Why would a nonfiction political activist also write (and teach) fiction? If you wonder how fiction can be important to making change in the world  just think where we would be without works like Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist?" How better to have told the story of 19th Century orphans than through a story such as that?

          So pick a page and dive right in!

* As an author, editor, speaker & coach, Penny Fletcher has more than 50 awards and 200 endorsements on Linked-In