Penny Fletcher 
    Author, Editor & Publishing Liaison 

Politics, Suspense Fiction, Spirituality & a little Romance to Boot!           


  More than an editor or coach, I also act as a publishing liaison and can help you perfect each phase of your book so you can put it up for sale on line or submit it to publishers.

   I am a Member of Florida Freelance Writers Association & The Writer's & Editor's Network, working world-wide; a journalist, columnist, magazine fiction writer and author for more than 40 years, with approximately 14,000 newspaper and magazine bylines. I've edited both newsroom stories and about 400 books and also taught classes at a Florida college and library system. So besides selling my own fiction and nonfiction books, I will work hard to make your work the best it can be. 


You can concentrate on your writing when you know someone's got your back seeing to the details of the cover, blurbs, printing, preparing your book to offer to publishers or put on line yourself, and writing press releases to announce it. Check out the Publishing Liaison page to find out how I can help. Services are all a' la carte. 


I hope you decide to purchase one of my books while you're here! Check out the "Sumerian Secret," "American Gestapo," and "Wild Rose" tabs on the top of this page.  I also write romance under the name Sophia Stanton, and "her" latest is "Friends 2 Fire." All my books are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle, and some are on Barnes & Noble as well, which makes them available on Nook. Links to buy on Amazon are on the book pages next to the book descriptions.

Other Pages Will Show You My Books, Bio, Awards, a Little Bit About My Writing Course, and what it means to have a Publishing Liaison. 

Give Aways Every Month on My "Newsletter" (That comes out the first of each month) Include My Books, Books from My Clients, and Many Surprises!

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   I am now writing a regular monthly column on "the art of writing" for, a site that revceives more than 30,000 hits a month and has interesting materials for readers and writers alike. 

    This is besides my local "Florida" weekly column, Remember When," at 

    Both are great publications to work for and enjoyed by many readers. I am extremely appreciative of their support!

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    Just  send me your name and email with BOOS to [email protected] Not just to sell my books, but to keep you updated on affairs concerning reading and writing trends; reviews; videos; and the  New York Times Bestseller List.  
    And last but definitely not least, please check out my Book of the Month, showing off some of the books I've worked on and how to buy them. You'll find them on the Publishing Liaison page on this site as well.