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The adult education department has requested that I teach my entire fall class on Memoirs as people have been requesting that for quite some time. So instead of my usual  "Write Your Heart Out" class that concentrates on plot, characters, scene-setting and dialogue, I will be giving "Write Your Life Story." The techniques here will also be useful for family histories and even for those who wish to write first-person fiction or nonfiction with hopes to publish.

The class will be from October 8 to November 16 2018 at Community Church College in Sun City Center, Florida.  For information about the college, to find out how to sign up or obtain a list of classes, email Anne or Larry at [email protected] or call (813) 634-1304.

New Book Under Way ~

I am writing in a new genre - New Age spirituality-(which we all know is really "old age"). Although I have never written in this genre before, I have been a student of many forms of metaphysics since the 1960s and am a past contributor to the magazine TODAY'S CHRISTIAN WOMAN. No title yet, but it contains 18 true experiences of events that have taken place with the help of "Other-Worldly" beings that can be proved even to the most determined skeptic.

Meanwhile, Editing & Publishing Clients ~

You can concentrate on your writing when you know someone's got your back seeing to the details of the cover, blurbs, printing, preparing your book to offer to publishers or put on line yourself.  Check out the Publishing Liaison page to find out how I can help. Services are all a' la carte. 

I work with a great cover artist and other editors and Beta readers for the final draft, so the pieces will all fit together like in the graph on the right. Whether you're writing a fiction novel, a nonfiction book, or memoirs, I can help you with one part of your work or all parts, it's always your choice.

Click this link to see what my clients on the writing and editing site GURU say about my work under FEEDBACK on the left side of my profile page.


I hope you decide to purchase my books while you're here! Check out the "Sumerian Secret,"  and  "Friends 2 Fire." I wrote Friends under the pseudonym Dr. Sophia Stanton because I remembered how terribly disappointed I was when I picked up the two books by John Grisham that were not legal thrillers. They were beautifully written, but I got them because I wanted to read "My John Grisham"- the legal thriller-author who had kept me turning pages for years. Being a 40-year journalist, except for occasional feature freelancing for magazines, I write about serious topics; either nonfiction or in the case of "The Sumerian Secret," and fiction based on fact.

By using the pseudonym for romances, I hope not to confuse my readers.  It is not the same pseudo I used for work with the on-line publisher Secret Cravings Publishing, in that same genre.

Unfortunately my book, "If I Should Die Before I Wake," a true story about my escape from domestic abuse, went out of print when its publisher did. It was published by Rainbow's End, once a great company to work for, its officials flew me from Florida to Pennsylvania in 1992 to be keynote speaker at it's writing conference, "Writing that Sells." It was also used at several colleges in the Womens' Study programs (and may still be).

You can imagine how disappointed I was after such a great experience to find my publishers (both print and on-line) and publishers for whom I regularly edited, going out of business one at a time. This influenced my decision to self-publish "The Sumnerian Secret," in 2016, which I hope to someday have time to pitch to producers. My plans for searching for a new agent who represented this type of work went out the window in September of that year when I was in a massive automobile accident and lost almost five months of both body useage and memory. 


Other Pages Will Show You My Bio, Awards, a Little Bit About My Writing Course, and what it means to work with a Publishing Liaison. 

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